For the most part, Windows 7 doesn’t present a radical change to the user interface and operating system features for those migrating from Windows Vista. One area, however, that users will find different and which may take some adjusting to is the Windows Taskbar. Here’s quick a look at the new Taskbar in Windows 7 […]

Many have been anxious for some time now to turn the dial from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, most of which having not yet defined Web 3.0. Well the race to Web 3.0 is under way, especially now that it has its own conference. On May 19th and 20th there will be held the Web […]

  Once again voting is underway for the 2009 CNet Webware 100 awards. This annual program is a great way to discover and help select the best web apps on the net. All the winners will be announced on May 19 so hurry to get your vote in while you can. See the previous years’ […]

My list of reasons for wanting an iPhone continue to grow. My  latest was after stumbling on the website, what seems to be a great website for finding and sharing trails … such as biking, hiking and running paths. You can use the site to map and document your favorite trip paths, share them […]

The progression of web based applications continue to push the barrier between traditional software applications , those you purchase and install on your computer, and online applications or webware, those you can run from your browser. This progression continues to bring us ever closer to the web OS, allowing to run simple thin client devices with […]


A common feature on many blogs is a Tag/Word Cloud, visualization of word frequency in a given text as a weighted list (frequency determines word size). This can be a helpful tool to quickly see the most common topics in a given text and a creative source of word art.  Today I was introduced to […]

Recently I have seen, to each of their owner’s dismay, several computer hard disks that with no prior warning, and obviously in the worst possible moment, have crashed with little hope for recovery, losing all data in the process. A tragic event that too many people can relate to, but sadly enough it seems that […]

Want a place where you can log your travels, map your trips, post your trip pictures and gain access to a wealth of useful information such as trip planning guides and packing lists? Okay, maybe you weren’t looking for all of that, but you can find it anyway at TRAVELLERSPOINT. This is a nice “Web […]

I think everyone has faced the issue of needing to share a large file with someone when the file is too big to be sent by email. Historically FTP sites have been the solution to this for the tech savvy or those with a web host. I have never been a fan of using FTP […]

Some other great Web 2.0 websites to check out are the finalists in the Utility and Security category of CNet’s Webware 100 Awards. What is so exciting about these and many of the other Web 2.0 websites is the amount of value that these apps offer, many of which are free of charge. My picks […]

CNET is sponsoring the Webware 100 Awards where you can vote for the best Web 2.0 apps. The winners will be announced at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on April 21st, 2008. Here is a look at my picks from the productivity category (you can vote up to 3 times), plus a few […]

Google announced the introduction of Google Sites as part of Google Apps. This is a nice addition to the free suite of Google Apps services. Here is a brief introduction to Google Sites: It’s an online application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. You can quickly gather a […]

I rediscovered a very useful tool that I started using a couple of years ago, but have since stopped tracking their new developments. A tool that I would think that anybody using multiple tools and services such as Outlook, Gmail or other new Web 2.0 services would want to take advantage of. I’m talking about […]

2006 was a great year for the web with the buzz word being Web 2.0. One of the primary technologies that have characterized the so classified Web 2.0 sites was Ajax. Here is a brief list of some of the impressive results of what the new emerging web applications can offer (posted by RSC’s advent […]

The boundaries for desktop applications have been crossed by Web 2.0 web applications, which continue to penetrate deeper into their enemies territory. We began to see the possibilities with Google’s Docs and Spreedsheets, but the fun hasn’t stopped there. There is now a web-based diagramming tool, Gliffy that lets you draw and share diagrams on […]

The web is full of Super Heroes, sites that come and save the day in your moment of need without requiring anything in exchange. The combination of Google, expert forums and valuable Super Hero websites make tackling almost any task possible. I was recently rescued when my programs stopped minimizing to the taskbar in Windows […]

I was listening to a podcast from IT Conversations and one of the speakers mentioned how he no longer uses bookmarks within his Internet browser and that bookmarks are something of the past, no longer needed with today’s web. The reason for this being the advancement in Internet search engines, making it so easy to […]

What Web 2.0 is, is continuously being defined or interpreted. Beyond Ajax, RSS, pastel colors and big buttons you will also find social searching (the ability to interact with the search engine and promote what they feel are the relevant results). One popular manifestation of social searching is a tag cloud or a swicki. The […]

All websites should have a search option, but not all developers want to write a custom search tool. Fortunately you don’t have to as Google and other services have made made this available by adding a search box to your site. I have used these in the past, but have never been satisfied as you […]

List of exciting new services on the web… Coghead – Service that lets anyone create a Web-based business application—from expense management to inventory tracking to CRM. Googe Docs & Spreadsheets – Google has finally combined its online word processor (from it’s Writely acquisition) and its online spreadsheet into one Webtop application. Netvibes – A customizable […]

All you Skype users, have you tried out Gizmo Project yet? Check out the list of cool features and options available and you may want to make the switch. Features I like about Gizmo that I haven’t seen with Skype: FREE phone calls to all Gizmo friend’s (these are your contacts in Gizmo) landline or […]

Have you ever tried to implement a simple and clean HTML signature with Outlook? I had never given too much thought to this until recently implementing a company wide HTML email signature. Initially we used Outlook directly to create the signature file, but quickly found that what you see is not always what you get […]

Last week the Buzz Out Load podcast informed me about one of Google’s latest beta programs called Google Apps for Your Domain. Google is extending some of their online applications to business and educational organizations. The beta program allows you to use Google’s Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Page Creator with your domain. […]

FireFox users often run into websites that have require Internet Explorer for accurate rendering of the page. Typically this is the case for complex web applications built in ASP.NET or Microsoft sites such as Windows Update. This annoyance has required FireFox users to open IE specifically for these sites, well at least until you come […]

Of the many pod casts that I subscribe to, the one that relaxes me the most is “The Writer’s Almanac” with Garrison Keillor. During the August 25th episode they shared a poem by Peter Schmitt entitled “Tin Ear”. I enjoyed this poem so much that I wanted to get a copy of the text. Without […]

New Google search features provides helpful album, song and artist information. In a random search today I happened to notice that Google search results provide detailed album and song information for matching search results. ? In the search string for Windows? environment variable Windir I happened to get results for an artist? by the same […]

Italians are beginning to trust the web and are now beginning to even make purchases according to the recent article from Corriere della Sera Abi: italiani, un milione comprano online Secondo l’Associazione bancaria nel secondo semestre 2004 sono stati 1.124.000 i navigatori che hanno fatto acquisti via web URL: Abi: italiani, un milione comprano online […]

Yahoo! is making great strides towards the entertainment industry revolution…moving from network television to networked television. Yahoo! is working with SBC and Microsoft on an IPTV/fiber-to-the-curb initiative called Project Lightspeed that uses Yahoo! software to deliver video-on-demand, instant messaging, photo collections, and music. Meanwhile, chief executive Terry Semel, who spent 24 years as an executive […]

Google has opened its Google Earth beta version up to the public without requiring the subscription service. The program lets you fly around a 3D globe, with overhead satellite photos, tilted 45-degree photos, 3D rendered buildings, and overlays that display everything from roads to hotels to bike routes. The program is extremely impressive and I […]

Google continues their march towards Internet domination in various fronts. The most recent target being their multimedia services. In April Google began collecting video streams allowing the publisher to choose payment types. This service is now ready for public display. Could pay-per-view movies be next? URL: Google Video search ready for playback Source Blog

Jim Bruer writes “Microsoft sends news today that founder Bill Gates has announced a MSN Virtual Earth service is to debut in the summer. The service is promised to provide: *Satellite images with 45-degree-angle views of buildings and neighborhoods *Satellite images with street map overlays * Ability to add local data layers, such as showing […]

PHP continues to gain popularity and for the first time is getting recognized even in the corporate world. A new application developed by Oracle will make it easier for corporations to take advantage of the ease and popularity of scripting languages like PHP to integrate them into their corporate systems. All in an effort to […]

Grafedia — a new way of linking graffiti with the world wide web. Although I hate finding graffiti, you have to admit that the inventors of? have come up with a creative idea. URL: Photos: Grafedia sightings

More companies follow the trend to move towards providing triple play bundles including VoIP and no netphones… The Internet provider touts plans for new telephony services and hybrid cell phones as it digs in for a long phone fight. URL: Earthlink’s 2 percent solution Source Blog