Hopefully I am not the only fool out there to have posted about Google’s public April Fools’ joke, Virgil! Apparently Google is historically known for their annual hoaxes. So a word of warning come next year…don’t believe any news on April 1st, even if it is on the Official Google Blog. So really, did anyone […]

If this wasn’t posted on the Official Google Blog I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Google is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson to form Virgle, the goal of which is the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars. If you ever dreamed of being a pioneer here is your chance. The adventure begins […]

Wisdom from the past wasn’t enough to save us from today’s US economic crisis. The effects of which are being felt in LA and throughout the US. Here is some interesting insight that has been recently posted on Chris Knudsen’s blog,which I recommend, about the US economic crisis and its effects. Quote From Thomas Jefferson: […]