Forbes Newsletter points out 5 wireless trends, that according to them, can double your portfolio this year. Whie this may be too optimistic, I think they have put together a strong list of trends and technologies that accurately reflect where the industry is headed. Here are the 5 trends: TREND # 1: Faster speed through […]


CNet posted an article today on Wi-Fi security, Security from A to Z: Wi-Fi, pointing out that 26 percent of wireless networks used by business networks in the City of London are unsecured, and 22 percent of access points still have default settings, making them vulnerable to hackers. This is an astonishing percentage of unsecured […]

Faster wirless connections are on their way. Two updates today on 2 wireless technologies that I am looking forward to: Certified Wireless USB (WUSB) -? Wireless USB devices are finally expected to hit the market by the end of the year. This technology, offering connectivity speeds matching those of todays wired USB 2.0 at 480 […]

Nokia announced the release of a new short-range wireless technology that aims to be a valid and interesting alternative to Bluetooth that, thanks to its reduced power consumption, will be able to extend its use to a whole new range of devices. CNet reports that “Because of their small size and low energy consumption, Wibree […]

CNet writes about T-Mobiles planned service to offer seamless switching between cell and wi-fi networks. Similar services are also planned to be offered here in Europe by Telecom Italia and Orange, charging between 10 and 15 euros per month for unlimited calling from dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular phones used in home networks. This is an exciting big […]

The VoIP and wVoIP revolution is truely beginning to take shape as is reflected in the sequence of news released by CNET below. URL: Hooking up with Net phones Source Blog

New window treatment keeps Wi-Fi signals in building, preventing hackers from access to the network. URL: Sheet could shelter Wi-Fi from eavesdroppers Source Blog

CNet reports of an increasing trend that permits wireless credit and debit card transactions. When Michelle DubĂ©, a golf instructor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., finishes a lesson, she whips out her BlackBerry wireless device–to schedule the next appointment, sure, but also to swipe the student’s credit card for payment right there on the driving […]


Plane manufacturer Boeing announced today that it has certified the hotspots in certain plans to work with notebooks containing Intel’s Centrino chip bundle. Certification essentially tries to ensure that the wide variety of notebooks will work with a particular hotspot and that two pieces of equipment can communicate in the environment in which they are […]

Phone company’s wireless broadband service is off and running as it starts taking orders in Athens, Ga. URL: BellSouth launches wireless broadband service Source Blog

It was just a matter of time before someone figured out how to make free cell phone calls by connecting to Skype. In a headline by Slashdot a new software from a company called IPDrum has made this possible. They described the process as follows: “Basically, you use the free mobile-to-mobile feature of any major […]

Company’s Connexion unit will provide live TV to airline passengers using laptops as it rolls out more in-flight Wi-Fi Net services. URL: Boeing to offer live in-flight TV feeds Source Blog

More companies follow the trend to move towards providing triple play bundles including VoIP and no netphones… The Internet provider touts plans for new telephony services and hybrid cell phones as it digs in for a long phone fight. URL: Earthlink’s 2 percent solution Source Blog

We approach the emergence of Wi-Max as a real wireless solution. WiMax, the long-awaited successor to Wi-Fi, provides data links at distances of up to 30 miles. Photos: Welcoming the WiMax chip URL: Intel ships wireless broadband chips Source Blog