The progression of web based applications continue to push the barrier between traditional software applications , those you purchase and install on your computer, and online applications or webware, those you can run from your browser. This progression continues to bring us ever closer to the web OS, allowing to run simple thin client devices with […]

Microsoft is trying to attract professional designers and web developers by releasing new tools to freely express yourself. In line with a series of recent changes and new business strategies, it appears that the sleeping giant has been awoken and is trying a shot gun attempt to bring down their emerging competitors. One industry in […]

Paul Allen (the lesser) had in interesting blog post entitled “How to save thousands of dollars on your next web development project” where he discussed the importance of using wireframing during the design stage of your next web development project. The tool recommended to perform this task was PowerPoint. In response to this post I […]

Google has created a central place for tools to assist webmasters. If you are a webmaster be sure to add Webmaster Central to your site bookmarks. Another useful resource that I came across for tips and insider views from Google on search engine optimization are the video posts by Matt Cutts. Check them out at […]