Looking for a keyword tool? With a quick search you will find that there many tools to choose from, but here is one that you probably have not tried. Google Sets is a tool in Google Labs that “Automatically creates sets of items from a few examples”. Obviously not born as a keyword tool, as […]

If you have done research on search engine optimization you have probably found the suggestion to use 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is considered to be a search engine friendly way of redirecting traffic. This is useful if you have to change file names or move pages around. Considered to be the safest method as […]

Google has created a central place for tools to assist webmasters. If you are a webmaster be sure to add Webmaster Central to your site bookmarks. Another useful resource that I came across for tips and insider views from Google on search engine optimization are the video posts by Matt Cutts. Check them out at […]

I was listening to a podcast from IT Conversations and one of the speakers mentioned how he no longer uses bookmarks within his Internet browser and that bookmarks are something of the past, no longer needed with today’s web. The reason for this being the advancement in Internet search engines, making it so easy to […]

Last week the Buzz Out Load podcast informed me about one of Google’s latest beta programs called Google Apps for Your Domain. Google is extending some of their online applications to business and educational organizations. The beta program allows you to use Google’s Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Page Creator with your domain. […]

Of the many pod casts that I subscribe to, the one that relaxes me the most is “The Writer’s Almanac” with Garrison Keillor. During the August 25th episode they shared a poem by Peter Schmitt entitled “Tin Ear”. I enjoyed this poem so much that I wanted to get a copy of the text. Without […]

New Google search features provides helpful album, song and artist information. In a random search today I happened to notice that Google search results provide detailed album and song information for matching search results. ? In the search string for Windows? environment variable Windir I happened to get results for an artist? by the same […]

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I continue to be impressed by the overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips through the World Wide Web. Anytime I am presented with a question, error, or quandary I immediately turn to Google to retrieve the answer to my dilemma. A vast amount of answers or potential solutions are immediately available, however trying […]

Google has opened its Google Earth beta version up to the public without requiring the subscription service. The program lets you fly around a 3D globe, with overhead satellite photos, tilted 45-degree photos, 3D rendered buildings, and overlays that display everything from roads to hotels to bike routes. The program is extremely impressive and I […]

Google continues their march towards Internet domination in various fronts. The most recent target being their multimedia services. In April Google began collecting video streams allowing the publisher to choose payment types. This service is now ready for public display. Could pay-per-view movies be next? URL: Google Video search ready for playback Source Blog