Looking for a simple and effective way of creating a list or capturing data on your website? Don’t have the technical skills or time necessary to develop a backend database to capture data from an online form? Fortunately you no longer have to as there are several tools that make it extremely easy and convenient […]

Recently I have seen, to each of their owner’s dismay, several computer hard disks that with no prior warning, and obviously in the worst possible moment, have crashed with little hope for recovery, losing all data in the process. A tragic event that too many people can relate to, but sadly enough it seems that […]

I came across new Windows Mobile Applications today that I am trying out on my Palm Treo: Fring: Fring is an easy way to connect to all your social networking services. It supports Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP, Twitter, AIM, and Yahoo, all over WiFi or your data plan. Most phones, most operating […]

Google announced the introduction of Google Sites as part of Google Apps. This is a nice addition to the free suite of Google Apps services. Here is a brief introduction to Google Sites: It’s an online application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. You can quickly gather a […]

Several months ago Palm released a free upgrade for the Palm Treo 750v to Windows Mobile 6. I know many people have been anxiously awaiting this upgrade to take advantage of the HSDPA data connection speed that wasn’t available in Palm’s Window Mobile 5 release. This being very attractive I have been considering making the […]

Microsoft is trying to attract professional designers and web developers by releasing new tools to freely express yourself. In line with a series of recent changes and new business strategies, it appears that the sleeping giant has been awoken and is trying a shot gun attempt to bring down their emerging competitors. One industry in […]

Electronic books or eBooks are a wonderful tool for those that daily commute on public transportation. Given that I travel 45 minutes by train to and from work each day, I enjoy being able to carry with me a library of literature options without lugging a trunk to carry all those books. I use my […]

Italy’s two larges cellular phone service providers, TIM and Vodafone, each offering mobile email solutions, recently offered product trials of their proposed mobile office solutions. TIM with the Blackberry 8700g Vodafone with an HP iPAQ hw6515. After a test drive of the 2 devices here are some of my thoughts. Blackberry The sleak design and […]