If you love skiing or snowboarding and haven’t made it to the Alps yet then this may be the year to do so! The view of the Alps this morning was amazing as a ton of snow has recently blanketed the rocky peaks.  Huge snowfalls at the start of this week have brought fantastic early-season conditions […]

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My apologizes to anyone who visited the Thinkworx blog in the last 24 hours. I woke up yesterday to find that the site had been hacked into with all pages displaying the image below. As far as I can tell the server hosting the site had been compromised, probably affecting all sites hosted on the […]


I’m not a ‘crackberry‘ or a heavy cell phone user in general, but I do almost always have my phone with me and typically set it to vibrate mode. Some time back I began noticing that even when I don’t have my cell phone with me, or if I have it in a different pocket […]

After a year of simmering, the Thinkworx blog is ready to be consumed, hopefully there are still a few subscribers to partake of the feast (OK, feast may be a little exaggerated)! To get it started off right we need a thrilling YouTube clip. Surely few things give a bigger adrenaline rush than base jumping. […]