Thinking of starting your own business in 2007? Take a look at Forbes list of The 10 Riskiest Businesses to Start 10. Transportation (includes taxis, limos, ambulances, hearses and other vehicles for hire) 9. Apparal Stores 8. Restraunts and Bars 7. Communications 6. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators 5. Food Stores (supermarkets, fruit and vegetable […]

Forbes Newsletter points out 5 wireless trends, that according to them, can double your portfolio this year. Whie this may be too optimistic, I think they have put together a strong list of trends and technologies that accurately reflect where the industry is headed. Here are the 5 trends: TREND # 1: Faster speed through […] had an interesting post on their blog discussing ‘After YouTube, Who’s Next?’. I found the following report taken from Morgan Stanley’s Internet Search Trends analysis on Emerging Companies to be very interesting and possibily predictive. Below are the companies they suggested to watch out for:

A blog post recently revealed the following interesting facts to show how the globalized market is creating a level playing field… If you are one in a million in China, there are 1,300 people just like you. The smartest top 25% of people in China represents a population greater than all of North America. China […]

The Business 2.0 Blog tuned me into an interesting project by the creators of Skype to extend their P2P technology into the television realm. Code named The Venice Project, it will be interesting to see how this business model works out and, if successful, whether the major networks will try to replicate or adopt it. […]

A new study draws a direct correlation between keeping customers happy and making big money. Final this has been scientifically proven. Hopefully more businesses will start to truely believe it! URL: Satisfy customers, make money Source Blog