My list of reasons for wanting an iPhone continue to grow. My  latest was after stumbling on the website, what seems to be a great website for finding and sharing trails … such as biking, hiking and running paths. You can use the site to map and document your favorite trip paths, share them with the community and search based off location or activity. The concept is very cool, especially for those who love the outdoors!

The value of the site is significantly extended for iPhone users through their mobile applications:

With this geotracking application, you can record your movements, take geotagged photos and immediately upload it all to EveryTrail, the leading online community for travel storytelling.


Trails allows you to record and to save your tracks to EveryTrail. In addition you can import any track from EveryTrail easily and view the route on the map directly on your iPhone.


The Bike Computer
The EveryTrail Bike Computer has a large screen that gives you key stats while riding your bike, and best of all, you can upload your ride directly from your phone to EveryTrail.

 Happy Trails!

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    Get Out and Discover a New Trail | Thinkworx

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