A common feature on many blogs is a Tag/Word Cloud, visualization of word frequency in a given text as a weighted list (frequency determines word size). This can be a helpful tool to quickly see the most common topics in a given text and a creative source of word art.  Today I was introduced to […]

Recently I have seen, to each of their owner’s dismay, several computer hard disks that with no prior warning, and obviously in the worst possible moment, have crashed with little hope for recovery, losing all data in the process. A tragic event that too many people can relate to, but sadly enough it seems that […]

Does your playlist of favorite podcasts run longer than you have time to dedicate listening to them? If you can get past the chipmunk voices, try increasing the play back speed. You can reduce the play length by up to 20% before it gets too obnoxious. If you are using a Windows Mobile Device you […]

I continue to be amazed at the ease and efficiency of today’s public transport services powered by the web to provide immediate information access. On Tuesday morning I arrived at work to discover that I was to immediately travel to London to visit a customer. Within just a few minutes I had purchased e-tickets for […]

On the continual look out for great new mobile apps to put on your Windows Mobile device? Here are a few recent apps that I have tried that you might like: TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) – If you want a better media player that supports a broad range of audio and video files […]


 This post is the start of another iteration in my blogging efforts. This is the third iteration so far, however the time between each cycle has reduced so some progress may be being made. This same cycle is often visible in other areas of life, moving from inspiration to motivation to commitment and then eventually to lack of […]