I previously wrote a post about deciding whether to upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6. It has now been a couple months that I have been exclusively running Windows Mobile 6 and here are a few follow-up thoughts…

Battery Life

In my previous article one of the 2 critical decision points was battery life. Several sources have insisted a significantly reduced battery life after upgrading to Windows Mobile 6. While admittedly there may be a slight reduction, the impact, however, has not been significant enough to consider it a major issue. I have found that a by just adjusting the synchronization schedule, reducing it to only the hours of use, has greatly extended the battery.


The second critical decision point was the higher data transfer rates available through the use of HSPDA in Windows Mobile 6. This has been considered the primary advantage for most Palm Treo users upgrading to WM6. Once again, this has not turned out to be a critical point. The speed increase may be slightly noticeable, but not as dramatic as expected.

Other Perks

So after additional use I have found other features that I really like in Windows Mobile 6. At the top of the list is improved ability to share your Internet access with your laptop/PC. The Internet Sharing program allows you to quick and easily share your 3G connection to a Personal Area Network (PAN). While also being able to do this with WM5, I find this new program to make it much easier.

Remote Desktop for Mobile Devices – I recall in previous Windows CE/Mobile versions having the ability to open a remote desktop connection, but in WM5 I did not natively have this option. I was happy to see it come back in WM6.

Storage Card Management – With Windows Mobile 5 I had a lot of problems with my Mini SD card extended memory being recognized by the Operating System. After certain operations it would no longer be visible. I have especially had problems with the media catalog getting corrupted and causing several problems on the extended memory card. Since upgrading to WM6 I have not had any of these problems.

If you are using Windows Mobile 6 on your device let me know what you think of it.

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