Microsoft has already begun hinting towards the release of Windows 7, the next version of Windows as the successor of Windows Vista, to potentially already be released in 2009! This obviously gets everyone excited, but does Microsoft really want to recreate the same hysteria about their next operating system while Windows Vista is still trying to take root?

I understand that Microsoft needs to generate interest in the OS a great deal in advance to prepare its millions of reselling partners, but by creating this excitement they are going to slow Windows Vista sales even more! Windows Vista has already had a poor adoption rate, especially in the enterprise environment, hinting towards another release already in 2009 will likely further encourage them to skip Vista entirely. Do they really want to make Vista the successor to Windows Millennium Edition (ME)?

Up until now Microsoft has maintained a policy of silence concerning their plans for Windows 7 to avoid being unable to deliver on previously promised features, as happened with the release of Windows Vista. However some details are now beginning to come forth:

  • MinWin – A slimmed-down kernel called MinWin that uses 100 files and 25MB, compared to Vista’s 5,000 files and 4GB core and is so small it lacks a graphical subsystem.
  • 32-Bit / 64-Bit Editions – Operating system will come in consumer and business versions and in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. (Wasn’t Windows Vista originally hypothesized to only be released in 64-bit? Are we ever going to be able to break away from 32-bit?)
  • Data Protection and Encryption – Further extension of Bitlocker and EFS to potentially have data encrypted all the time, everywhere.
  • Windows 7 Wireless Platform – An extensible media framework that will allow for seamless roaming between various wireless technologies (WiFi, WWAN, WIMAX, etc.)
  • Windows 7 Parent Control Features: “Family Safety” services are being developed for both Windows Live and Windows 7 Parent Control.
  • Get a longer and more detailed list at UX Evangelist

To help encourage anxiety for the new operating system Microsoft on Thursday declined to extend a lifeline for Windows XP, saying that only a limited number of specialized machines will be sold with the operating system after June.


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