Some other great Web 2.0 websites to check out are the finalists in the Utility and Security category of CNet’s Webware 100 Awards. What is so exciting about these and many of the other Web 2.0 websites is the amount of value that these apps offer, many of which are free of charge.

My picks for the Security and Utility category are:


OpenDNS – Not sure what what to enter in your DNS network settings? Here is a great solution! OpenDNS is a free DNS server service and much more. Additional you get the option for these features:

  • Content Filtering
  • Phishing Protection
  • Domain Blocking
  • Adult Site Blocking
  • Web Proxy Blocking
  • Domain Whitelisting
  • Typo Correction
  • Traffic statistics

I have been using it on all networks I manage and have loved having the added security at the DNS level rather just on the router.

Spiceworks – This software is too good to be true, but fortunately it is. This is a wonderful FREE tool to help IT manage a network. Spiceworks will automatically detect and categorize all network attached devices, giving you a powerful tool to not only manage your IT assets, but to also manage licensing, detect server outages or other alerts such as low printer toner or disk space, track recently installed hardware or software and much, much more. It also has a ticketing system to manage IT support requests and gives IT a ton of information about the computer or network to troubleshoot and remotely resolve the issue. There are many similar, less power solutions out there that cost a ton of money. I still can’t believe the power of this tool and yet it is FREE.

OpenID – Finally a potential authentication system that is getting widely adopted across the web to eliminate the need to create site specific user name and passwords. This not only is a wonderful solution for users, that struggle to remember the username and password combination for the hundreds of sites they are registered on, but also for developers who get tired of having to build in a unique authentication system in all of their web applications. There have been many attempts at finding a solution and this seems to be the one offering the most potential. I hope it succeeds.

What are your picks for this category?


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  1. Thomas Bowcut Says:

    I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

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    thanks 4 da comment add my blog..
    nice pick! it almost same with my pick 🙂

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