I haven’t been able to report about all that I have seen here at CeBIT nearly as much as anticipated. If you want to find a more complete list of all the new hot items go to Engadget.

Continuing my previous list of attention grabbers here at CeBIT, here is more of what caught my attention:

GPS with Lane Guidance


This will come in handy next time I am traveling around Paris. During my last trip I mistakenly stayed in the wrong lane causing me to lose a couple hours of travel.

Multiple Screens using USB


When working at my desk I love having multiple monitors, a great productivity enhancer that I previous wrote about. Unless your using a laptop, you may run into difficulties trying to do this on many desktop computers as often they don’t have either dual VGA monitor outputs or a DVI output. Fortunately ASUS saves the day with their VW223B USB connectible monitor! You can plug up to six of these monitors into your PC and run them at full resolution, and the VW223B even includes a few USB plugs to help with the daisy-chain.

Ultra Mobile PCs and Ultra Portable PCs

gigabyte-m700-top-1 panasonic-toughbook-umpc-1 pb-easynote-xs-230 asus-9-screen-top

I was surprised to see the number of new models of UMPCs and also Ultra Portable Laptops. Despite their slow adoption, PC manufacturer’s must believe that their will be a strong market for these portable devices.

Super Small Bluetooth Headsets


When it comes to headsets, apparently small is better.

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