This week I am attending the world’s largest IT trade fair, CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany. Each year the fair reflects trends in the IT industry and as such has determined this to be a big enough issue to focus CeBIT 2008 on green IT. This being the theme they have a Green IT Village to showcase initiatives by major companies in the IT industry with presentations on the topic and a published “Green IT Guide”.

While I still have some doubt about some companies motives driving their “green initiatives”, as I discussed in a previous post, this is definitely a positive trend with some potentially very positive outcomes. I will be excited to see what innovative solutions are showcased and will try to report back on anything of particular interest. To start-off see Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, discuss energy efficiency that has been built into Windows Server 2008.

To confirm this growing trend of focus on environmental issues within IT you can look to see where venture capitalists are focusing their attention. As summarized by Paul Allen, at the Venture Capital in the Rockies event there were 20 startups invited to present business plans to 200-300 venture capitalists
from 8 states in the US. Interesting to see that from the 20 invited startups, 30% of them had business plans focused on environmental issues. Its refreshing to see new innovative ideas being developed and launched towards this initiative.

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