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I rediscovered a very useful tool that I started using a couple of years ago, but have since stopped tracking their new developments. A tool that I would think that anybody using multiple tools and services such as Outlook, Gmail or other new Web 2.0 services would want to take advantage of. I’m talking about Plaxo which many began using to synchronize Outlook calendars and contacts between multiple computers. Now this tool goes much beyond by allowing you to also synchronize with Google, Hotmail/Windows Live, Windows Mobile, AOL, Mac OS X and others.

One of the benefits it offers for those using Outlook 2003 is the ability to add iCal calendars. New Web 2.0 services typically offer this format. Using Plaxo with Outlook 2003 I can add my TripIt.com calendar so that I don’t have to manually enter flight details and I can add my tasks with deadlines from my tracks.tra.in iCal into my Outlook calendar.

Plaxo has made it back to my radar as one of my recommended must have Web 2.0 services.

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