voteThis year’s US Presidential election is getting the lion’s share of mainstream media coverage. However, is following the election polls and news title about the Presidential candidates enough to be able to make an informed decision? Unfortunately this only keeps you up-to-date with the latest results while the media tries to mold your opinion of the candidates. It would be interesting to find-out how many of us actually vote based primarily from this information.

Fortunately the web makes it easier than ever to get informed about the issues and each candidate’s position. You may be surprised how much your gut opinion on the right candidate for the job, which was molded by the mainstream press, doesn’t actually correspond with the alignment of your values/opinions and those of your Presidential candidate.

Fortunately there are many websites that will help enlighten you and enable you to make an informed decision. One that I have come across is Connect2Elect. This is a very well developed, flash based website that matches your views and opinions with those of the current Presidential candidates. Find out which is closer to you and let me know if you were surprised by the results.

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