Samsung DuoS, the first mobile phone to support 2 active SIM cards simultaneously. This may not have much significance in the US, but other areas such as Europe will greatly appreciate this long anticipated phone. The reason being that people who are not tied down to a contract, but rather use the prepay model typically end up having multiple SIM cards and use each for making different types of phone calls. Primarily this is done to get the best rate for the phone call as calling someone using the same mobile provider have significantly lower rates. Another reason is that many have a work number and a personal number. As a result you find a ton of people going around with 2 or more phones.

I have been wonder when or if a phone would be released that would allow you to insert multiple active SIMs. Up until now I have seen phone add-ons that allow you to insert multiple SIMs, but to change the active SIM you have to turn off the phone each time.

Surely there has been pressure from mobile providers against this type of phone as the mobile provider would like you to be locked into using them exclusively. Any type of technology that helps facilitate anything to the contrary surely is not welcomed.

It will be interesting to see the options available through the phone’s firmware, but potential possibilities are exciting. To name a few:

  • Manual mobile provider selection for outbound calls
  • Even better .. automatic mobile provider selection based on call rate to the destination number!
  • Receive phone calls at either number, busy signal notification for non-active SIM during a conversation on the active SIM.
  • Conference call functionality to join phone calls from both SIMs

I expect this to be very successful and that other mobile manufactures will soon be releasing similar options.

2 Responses to “Finally 2 SIMs in 1 Phone”

  1. Willy Says:

    In Thailand we have duo sim card for at least the last 2 years with “i-mobile” brand name. The same reason that in Europe getting cheaper call.We have only 2 mobile phone company, AIS,DTAC.2 others one but just cheat, HUTCH and TRUE.

  2. Thomas Bowcut Says:

    The technology is surely not the reason why here in Europe we haven’t yet had this device. Most definitely it is due to pressure from the mobile phone companies.
    Thank you for sharing about the situation there in Thailand. Interesting to find out that there have been solutions available in other markets for some time.

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