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Just back from a 3 day road trip taking me up to the capital city of Normandy, France. Rouen is a beautiful city, which was a pleasant surprise considering I was only there for work. I didn’t have my camera, but as I assumed, it is already well documented by others. Here is brief preview?

Rouen - Le Gros Horloge 03 08 07 Old Rouen Rouen Cathedral, Rouen, Normandy, France Rouen 09/05 Abbatiale Saint-Ouen - Rouen Notre Dame Cathedral, Rouen

The beauty of the main Cathedral and parliament house is enhanced by the historical aspect as each were bombed during WWII. Although they have been wonderfully restored, you can still find reminding scars on the facade, bringing you back in time to those horrible events.

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  1. Daniela Says:

    Hi Tom!

    I went in Rouen two years ago…. It’s so cute!
    If you don’t think about poor Jeanne D’Arc…..
    :O) Kidding…

    The cathedral is a great gothic masterpiece, and I remeber the feeling I had in seeing the gunned flag hangin down….
    A clear example about human stupidity.

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