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Just back from a 3 day road trip taking me up to the capital city of Normandy, France. Rouen is a beautiful city, which was a pleasant surprise considering I was only there for work. I didn’t have my camera, but as I assumed, it is already well documented by others. Here is brief preview? […]


I’m not a ‘crackberry‘ or a heavy cell phone user in general, but I do almost always have my phone with me and typically set it to vibrate mode. Some time back I began noticing that even when I don’t have my cell phone with me, or if I have it in a different pocket […]

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that awareness for environmental issues is growing and that many companies are taking serious efforts to make a difference. However, I really find it annoying when they just use it as a marketing gimmick without any real substance to back it up. An example of which […]


Looking for a keyword tool? With a quick search you will find that there many tools to choose from, but here is one that you probably have not tried. Google Sets is a tool in Google Labs that “Automatically creates sets of items from a few examples”. Obviously not born as a keyword tool, as […]

I have been asked this question several times so I thought it would be beneficial to post some information about the subject. To avoid making your ‘legitimate’ email being identified as Spam, pay attention to the following recommendations: avoid sending email to a large number of recipients avoid attaching any file in mass mailings avoid […]

If you have done research on search engine optimization you have probably found the suggestion to use 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is considered to be a search engine friendly way of redirecting traffic. This is useful if you have to change file names or move pages around. Considered to be the safest method as […]

Technology’s evolution continue to bring us more computing power at the palm of our hands, this is literally the case when referring to PDA’s and smartphones. However, I often wonder how many of us lugging around these intelligent devices actually know how to put them to good use. Most users of smartphones that I know […]