2006 brought us a lot of exciting new technology from software to electronics. What was the best new technology of 2006? Well this gets greatly debated and the right answer is surely different for ever person, however I would like to take a look at some of the canidates.

BBC Nominations:

  • Playstation 3 (next generation gaming, Blu-ray DVD, wi-fi and home media technology)
  • InFocus IN76 Play Big HD projector (High Definition projector)
  • Nintendo Wii (Wiimote)
  • Parallels (Virtual machine for Mac that lets you run Windows and other operating systems)

Lifehacker Nominations:

  • Parallels (nominated above)
  • Google Reader (maybe worth a new look since there revamp of the site in September)
  • Windows Vista (poor choice)
  • Google Calendar
  • Hamachi (Free VPN)
  • Campfire
  • OpenDNS (Free Domain Resolution)
  • Foxmarks (Bookmarks synchronizer for Firefox, free)

Not a bad year for technology. What were your picks for the Best of 2006?

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