2006 was a great year for the web with the buzz word being Web 2.0. One of the primary technologies that have characterized the so classified Web 2.0 sites was Ajax. Here is a brief list of some of the impressive results of what the new emerging web applications can offer (posted by RSC’s advent […]


“Every feature is an opportunity to do something wrong” For more on minimalist design principles check out the Signal vs. Noise blog

The boundaries for desktop applications have been crossed by Web 2.0 web applications, which continue to penetrate deeper into their enemies territory. We began to see the possibilities with Google’s Docs and Spreedsheets, but the fun hasn’t stopped there. There is now a web-based diagramming tool, Gliffy that lets you draw and share diagrams on […]

A new order of hot machines from Dell got me excited to load them with Microsoft Vista. However, due to uncertainty about program compatibility I wanted to create a second partition where I would load Windows XP. Come to find out I was approaching this in reverse order with out knowing it…meaning that by painful […]

Microsoft is trying to attract professional designers and web developers by releasing new tools to freely express yourself. In line with a series of recent changes and new business strategies, it appears that the sleeping giant has been awoken and is trying a shot gun attempt to bring down their emerging competitors. One industry in […]


The RSC Advent Calendar of Web 2.0 technologies pointed me to the Quintura – Visual Find Engine. They describe the site as the next generation web search with a mission to make web search easier and faster by adding context or meaning to keywords and visualizing search. Although I don’t see this as a replacement […]

The web is full of Super Heroes, sites that come and save the day in your moment of need without requiring anything in exchange. The combination of Google, expert forums and valuable Super Hero websites make tackling almost any task possible. I was recently rescued when my programs stopped minimizing to the taskbar in Windows […]

Forbes Newsletter points out 5 wireless trends, that according to them, can double your portfolio this year. Whie this may be too optimistic, I think they have put together a strong list of trends and technologies that accurately reflect where the industry is headed. Here are the 5 trends: TREND # 1: Faster speed through […]