Yesterday I battled with the unpleasant experience of having a corrupted Windows Update. As a result every time I logged into Windows XP I got a svchost.exe application error “0x745f2780”. Performing a system restore failed on each attempt and since no other application or hardward modifications had been made I assumed a problem had a occured with the Windows Update from the prior day. Here are some steps I performed to finally resolve the problem.

  • Checked for errors in the Windows Update Log. The Windows Update Log can be found in the following paths:
  • C:\Windows\Windows Update.log (Win XP & Win98/Me)
  • C:\WINNT\Windows Update.log (Windows 2000)
  • Deleted Temporary Internet Files for Internet Explorer
  • Disabled Auto Updates from the Windows services, to prevent the error from occuring immediately at log-on.
  • Rebooted
  • Did a manual windows update
  • Turned on auto updates
  • Following these steps seemed to resolve the problem and hopefully this will be of benefit to others that run into the same issue.

    *Another tip is not close the error windows that appear as that causes windows to freeze.

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    2 Responses to “Corrupted Windows Update”

    1. steve Says:

      Hi there,
      Its nice that I found this infomation, its driving me nuts I keep
      getting the same as you did. I can not understand why windows
      release something that has so many bugs.

      anyway Cheers!

    2. john Says:

      windows update is really messed up. some of its updates are corrupted as well, and i faced the BSOD many times because of it.

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