Paul Allen (the lesser) had in interesting blog post entitled “How to save thousands of dollars on your next web development project” where he discussed the importance of using wireframing during the design stage of your next web development project. The tool recommended to perform this task was PowerPoint. In response to this post I […]


CNet posted an article today on Wi-Fi security, Security from A to Z: Wi-Fi, pointing out that 26 percent of wireless networks used by business networks in the City of London are unsecured, and 22 percent of access points still have default settings, making them vulnerable to hackers. This is an astonishing percentage of unsecured […]

Google has created a central place for tools to assist webmasters. If you are a webmaster be sure to add Webmaster Central to your site bookmarks. Another useful resource that I came across for tips and insider views from Google on search engine optimization are the video posts by Matt Cutts. Check them out at […]

As RFID continues to emerge and develop as a promising technology, new applications of the technology are being presented each day. Here are some of the more interesting ones that I have come across: Australia Post tracks mail delivery using RFID e-Passports with RFID Chip RFID to track airport passengers Cattle producers using RFID to […]

With the introduction of the NTFS file system and Windows 2000, Microsoft must have been hoping that disk checks and bad clusters would be a problem of the past. Unfortunately bad clusters continue to occur, as I recently experienced, and a disk scan is necessary to resolve the problem. ScanDisk, the utility previously available in […]

Yesterday I battled with the unpleasant experience of having a corrupted Windows Update. As a result every time I logged into Windows XP I got a svchost.exe application error “0x745f2780”. Performing a system restore failed on each attempt and since no other application or hardward modifications had been made I assumed a problem had a […]


I have found that on multiple occasions I have wanted to refer to the list of available data types in MS SQL or MySQL. I am currently working on a project in MS SQL and found the following definition of SQL data types. I am posting this to my list of handy references. Data Types […]