I was listening to a podcast from IT Conversations and one of the speakers mentioned how he no longer uses bookmarks within his Internet browser and that bookmarks are something of the past, no longer needed with today’s web. The reason for this being the advancement in Internet search engines, making it so easy to find the site you are looking for that it is pointless to bother creating a bookmark.

I personally don’t agree at all as I use bookmarks frequently for sites I regularly visit. Search engine technology has greatly improved, but not at the point that I can always find the exact site that I am looking for. In fact the reason I bookmark a site generally is because it is a site difficult to find and I fear not being able to retrace my steps to find it.

Rather than moving away from the use of bookmarks as the internet matures, I am happy to see new innovative ways of improving the way we use bookmarks emerging. A popular example being del.icio.us, which is a social bookmarking service quite characteristic of Web 2.0 (the term for how we have begun referring to the newly matured web). Another helpful example is Google Bookmarks, which is a personalized search to find the sites you visit frequently and bookmark your favorites. Also Google Browser Sync, an extension for Firefox by Google, that allows you to synchronize browser settings, including bookmarks, across different computers. I think these example show that bookmarking is still very much used on the web and its usefulness is growing rather than disappearing with search engine technology improvements.

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