All websites should have a search option, but not all developers want to write a custom search tool. Fortunately you don’t have to as Google and other services have made made this available by adding a search box to your site. I have used these in the past, but have never been satisfied as you were limited in your means of presenting the search results.

I am happy to discover today that Google has made some improvements to this tool with their Google Custom Search Engine. This gives you the ability to add a list of sites that you want to appear in the search results along with a range of topics. All the benefits of the service are still not entirely clear to me, but I was happy to see that you can customize where the results appear along with adding some AJax to really fix up your site. I have tried it out, but it didn’t play nicely with this WordPress theme, but you can still go here for the Thinkworx Search Engine!

What other tools do you use to provide the ability to search your site ?

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