The Windows logo key, located in the bottom row of most computer keyboards is a little-used treasure that few point know about. Don’t ignore it. It is the shortcut anchor for the following commands:

Windows: Display the Start menu.
Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows.
Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer.
Windows + F: Display Search for files.
Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer.
Windows + F1: Display Help and Support Center.
Windows + R: Display Run dialog box.
Windows + break: Display System Properties dialog box.
Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows.
Windows + tab: Move through taskbar buttons.
Windows + L: Lock the workstation (or switch to the Logon screen w/Fast User Switching enabled).
Windows + U: Open Utility Manager.

I came across this information while using RegScrubXP, a free tool that safely cleans junk out of the System Registry, making it smaller and faster to access. If you use RebScrubXP, which I highly recommend, if you click on the Misc. tab there is a button for XP Tips and Tweaks. This is a very useful list of tips and tweaks you can make to improve Windows XP performance.

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