Electronic books or eBooks are a wonderful tool for those that daily commute on public transportation. Given that I travel 45 minutes by train to and from work each day, I enjoy being able to carry with me a library of literature options without lugging a trunk to carry all those books. I use my HP iPAQ PocketPC and the YanCEyWare Reader which makes reading eBooks simple and enjoyable. In the past I had tried other eBook readers on my PocketPC, but I have found that YanCEyWare to be the best.

If you use YanCEyWare reader or YanCEyDesktop (Desktop reader) you can find an abundant list of free classic novels to download at http://www.neicul.com/yanceyware.php?page=project or an extended list of LDS titles at http://www.yanceyware.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=18. My thanks to those involved in making these titles freely available!

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