All you Skype users, have you tried out Gizmo Project yet? Check out the list of cool features and options available and you may want to make the switch.
Features I like about Gizmo that I haven’t seen with Skype:

  • FREE phone calls to all Gizmo friend’s (these are your contacts in Gizmo) landline or mobile phone numbers!!
  • Free Mobile phone and Landline Conference Calling
  • FREE customizable voicemail
  • Receive calls from mobile and landline phones with a FREE U.S. based telephone number
  • SIP Number – Your Gizmo account is identified not only by username but also by an assigned SIP number, allowing VoIP networks to reach you free!
  • Asterisk PBX Support – allowing you to log into your office PBX, making you universally reachable and seamlessly receive calls from your office
  • Access Numbers – Ability to make calls to Gizmo from from any standard phone without having an assigned phone number
  • Make and receive calls from VoIP networks
  • Call recording
  • SIP Adapters
  • Interoperability between Gizmo Project and Google Talk

Features matching Skype’s:

  • Free PC to PC calls
  • Call Out to landlines and mobile phones at 1.0 c/min
  • Instant Messaging (IM)

If you have used Gizmo Project please let me know what you think. So far I am impressed with the expendability of this tool and to its rich set of services. Know I just need to get everyone in my social network using it so that all my phone calls will be free!

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