One of the most satisfying things about my new laptop (Dell XPS M1210) is to have before me a completely clean system (after removing all the apps that Dell regretfully sends preinstalled). In an attempt to keep the system clean for as long as possible I only wanted to install the essentials. So what are the essential applications that I require to have running in my system? Below is the list of my 25 required applications:

Essential Apps Personal Graphics/Web Work
Adobe Acrobat Mobile Phone Tools Adobe Dreamweaver AT&T Global Network Dialer
Ad-Aware Quicken 2006 Adobe Fireworks Cisco Systems VPN Client
RegscurbXP Juice Adobe Flash Pervasive/Spring
MS Office Pro Babylon Adobe Photoshop
Coopernic Desktop Search DAP PHP/MySQL
Skype DVD Region Free
FireFox INFO Transport FS
Symantec Antivirus MS OneNote
Gismo Project

This is what I am going to start out with, we will see how long it lasts before the list begins to grow.

What are your essential applications?

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