Have you ever tried to implement a simple and clean HTML signature with Outlook? I had never given too much thought to this until recently implementing a company wide HTML email signature. Initially we used Outlook directly to create the signature file, but quickly found that what you see is not always what you get with Outlook signatures. Several users’ signatures would have incorrect fonts appearing along with variations in spacing, depending on how the email client determines to display <p> html tags. These inconsistencies led me to take a look at the Outlook generated HTML. Here I found how long and ugly is the code behind their HTML signature. From this discover we decide to put up a dynamic webpage that allows our users to input their personal data and have the HTML file generated. After which the user would be prompted to download and save the file to the desktop along with a batch file that would move the file to the default signature folder where Outlook expects to find the file (all of this to prevent users from opening the file in Outlook as that would immediately change the HTML with their lengthy version). At this point the file can be selected from the list of available signatures. After all of this we thought we had found the solution to using a clean HTML signature file with Outlook, only to discover that Outlook still replaces the HTML with its own! I guess that Outlook wins and I will have to give way to the greater power.

If you want to generate your own clean HTML signature file, to be possibly used with some other email client than Outlook, you can generate and download the signature file here. (http://signature.thinkworx.com)

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