One of the most satisfying things about my new laptop (Dell XPS M1210) is to have before me a completely clean system (after removing all the apps that Dell regretfully sends preinstalled). In an attempt to keep the system clean for as long as possible I only wanted to install the essentials. So what are […]


I received an email with the following examples of some very creative mathematics…

CNet writes about T-Mobiles planned service to offer seamless switching between cell and wi-fi networks. Similar services are also planned to be offered here in Europe by Telecom Italia and Orange, charging between 10 and 15 euros per month for unlimited calling from dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular phones used in home networks. This is an exciting big […]

Have you ever tried to implement a simple and clean HTML signature with Outlook? I had never given too much thought to this until recently implementing a company wide HTML email signature. Initially we used Outlook directly to create the signature file, but quickly found that what you see is not always what you get […]

Last week the Buzz Out Load podcast informed me about one of Google’s latest beta programs called Google Apps for Your Domain. Google is extending some of their online applications to business and educational organizations. The beta program allows you to use Google’s Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Page Creator with your domain. […]