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I continue to be impressed by the overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips through the World Wide Web. Anytime I am presented with a question, error, or quandary I immediately turn to Google to retrieve the answer to my dilemma. A vast amount of answers or potential solutions are immediately available, however trying to weed through the results for the expected solution has historically proven to be a painful task. As the amount of quality content on the web increases together with improved search engine results I have typically found that within the top presented search results I find the exact answer that I was looking for.

To illustrate this point let me share the following. This morning I was unexpectedly faced with a problem that allowed me to put the web to the test to see if it could give me the answer I needed. My HP iPAQ PDA decided to give me a synchronization error today when syncing with our company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. The only information I had was error code internet_31. Typing this into Google gave me 250 results to choose from, choosing the first option already gave me the needed answer. I was brought to http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/faqs/activesync/mis.htm where I found a wealth of useful information for resolving ActiveSync problems. I give me my thanks to Chris De Herrera for compiling this information and making it easily available. I found it to be a great source of help.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to find such solutions so quickly and easily. The web harvest opinions, comments, articles and experiences of millions of users each day, all of which conglomerates into an overwhelming pool of information that today’s advanced search technology makes easily accessible. To me this is just one example of the power of the web!

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