FireFox users often run into websites that have require Internet Explorer for accurate rendering of the page. Typically this is the case for complex web applications built in ASP.NET or Microsoft sites such as Windows Update. This annoyance has required FireFox users to open IE specifically for these sites, well at least until you come […]

Of the many pod casts that I subscribe to, the one that relaxes me the most is “The Writer’s Almanac” with Garrison Keillor. During the August 25th episode they shared a poem by Peter Schmitt entitled “Tin Ear”. I enjoyed this poem so much that I wanted to get a copy of the text. Without […]

New Google search features provides helpful album, song and artist information. In a random search today I happened to notice that Google search results provide detailed album and song information for matching search results. ? In the search string for Windows? environment variable Windir I happened to get results for an artist? by the same […]

I recently learned about the usefulness of batch files when finding a means of performing a silent setup. To ensure that the batch file would work on any system I used one of the default windows environment variables. These variables are helpful to reference the path to a given file in a windows environment. This […]

Italy’s two larges cellular phone service providers, TIM and Vodafone, each offering mobile email solutions, recently offered product trials of their proposed mobile office solutions. TIM with the Blackberry 8700g Vodafone with an HP iPAQ hw6515. After a test drive of the 2 devices here are some of my thoughts. Blackberry The sleak design and […]


What would a new blog be without the initial hello world post? As I begin my self publishing efforts through this blog I would just like to give credit to my source of inspiration and conviction that of

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I continue to be impressed by the overwhelming amount of information available at our fingertips through the World Wide Web. Anytime I am presented with a question, error, or quandary I immediately turn to Google to retrieve the answer to my dilemma. A vast amount of answers or potential solutions are immediately available, however trying […]