Now in an effort intended to spur adoption of Wireless USB, Intel said it is working with Microsoft, NEC, Philips, Texas Instruments and others on a new specification called the Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI). The specification will define a standard method in which a Wireless USB device can communicate with a PC’s software, and, […]

Yahoo! is making great strides towards the entertainment industry revolution…moving from network television to networked television. Yahoo! is working with SBC and Microsoft on an IPTV/fiber-to-the-curb initiative called Project Lightspeed that uses Yahoo! software to deliver video-on-demand, instant messaging, photo collections, and music. Meanwhile, chief executive Terry Semel, who spent 24 years as an executive […]

A new study draws a direct correlation between keeping customers happy and making big money. Final this has been scientifically proven. Hopefully more businesses will start to truely believe it! URL: Satisfy customers, make money Source Blog


Plane manufacturer Boeing announced today that it has certified the hotspots in certain plans to work with notebooks containing Intel’s Centrino chip bundle. Certification essentially tries to ensure that the wide variety of notebooks will work with a particular hotspot and that two pieces of equipment can communicate in the environment in which they are […]

Phone company’s wireless broadband service is off and running as it starts taking orders in Athens, Ga. URL: BellSouth launches wireless broadband service Source Blog

Modern hotel TV systems let guests view their bill, access the Net and order premium channels. But they aren’t secure, one hacker claims. URL: Hacking the hotel through the TV Source Blog