CIOs polled in’s jury think many IT departments will receive the death sentence within the next five years. URL: Will IT departments still exist in 2010? * Source Blog

Company’s Connexion unit will provide live TV to airline passengers using laptops as it rolls out more in-flight Wi-Fi Net services. URL: Boeing to offer live in-flight TV feeds Source Blog

Jim Bruer writes “Microsoft sends news today that founder Bill Gates has announced a MSN Virtual Earth service is to debut in the summer. The service is promised to provide: *Satellite images with 45-degree-angle views of buildings and neighborhoods *Satellite images with street map overlays * Ability to add local data layers, such as showing […]

PHP continues to gain popularity and for the first time is getting recognized even in the corporate world. A new application developed by Oracle will make it easier for corporations to take advantage of the ease and popularity of scripting languages like PHP to integrate them into their corporate systems. All in an effort to […]

The upcoming release of Star Wars Episode III along with the release of the new XBox 360 have both hit the headlines today! Both exciting news for the tech world…

Grafedia — a new way of linking graffiti with the world wide web. Although I hate finding graffiti, you have to admit that the inventors of? have come up with a creative idea. URL: Photos: Grafedia sightings

More companies follow the trend to move towards providing triple play bundles including VoIP and no netphones… The Internet provider touts plans for new telephony services and hybrid cell phones as it digs in for a long phone fight. URL: Earthlink’s 2 percent solution Source Blog