We approach the emergence of Wi-Max as a real wireless solution. WiMax, the long-awaited successor to Wi-Fi, provides data links at distances of up to 30 miles. Photos: Welcoming the WiMax chip URL: Intel ships wireless broadband chips Source Blog

We will soon be living and moving around just like the Jetsons!! Ant writes “CBS News has an article, images, and a free streaming video clip of Elwood (Woody) Norris’ invention of a working flying machine, AirScooter. He asked one of his test pilots to demonstrate it for 60 Minutes on a hilltop outside San […]

Document publishing giant looks to multimedia content as the next step in building its software empire. URL: Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion

Cisco chief John Chambers talks about the drive to be No. 1 and his company’s ideal takeover target. URL: What makes Cisco run? Source Blog

Will Skype be able to create a success business model around its popular VoIP software? We will soon find out as the company enhances its Net phone software with new features. One lets customers have three phone numbers in up to eight countries. URL: Skype rolls out premium services Source Blog

“T-Mobile has put a Wi-Fi service on the London to Brighton Express commuter service. It uses WiMax (ok, pre-WiMax) for the uplink, and is cheap enough to put on any other long-distance rail service. One interesting thing is that they didn’t need to wait for next year’s “mobile” WiMax version: the system can handover between […]

URL: China PM Wants to Rule Global Tech With India

URL: Detecting Speech Without Microphones “New Scientist is reporting on a new way of detecting speech without using microphones, using electrodes places on the neck that measure muscle activit

The software maker says commercializing its own technology is still job one, but it sees some opportunity in sharing technology with start-ups. URL: Microsoft opens research lab for licensing Source Blog

URL: Nanotech company aims to put paint in the past Paint–it’s so 19th Century. New nanotechnology coatings dry in seconds and don’t give off fumes. Source Blog